Lori Campbell

Visionary  |  Gerontologist  |  Boutique Consultant  |  Educator  |  Author

Mission: Keeping You Forever Young
Healthy Living, Healthy Aging from the Inside Out
Keeping Healthy People Healthy
Personalized Lifestyle Medicine
Life Motto: Live Intentionally; Age Consciously
Target Market: Millennials, Generation X (Start Young; Stay Young), NOWists

I picture aging, not as it is commonly depicted, but as it could be: the unfolding of human potential rather than decline.

I believe (and there is copious amounts of research to prove it) we all have much more influence and control over our well being than we have been led to believe. The masses believe they are victims of their genes, life circumstances and that decline is inevitable. The truth is we all, to some degree, have the capability to maintain health and vitality into our later years. What matters is what you believe.

Society’s quest to stay forever young has until now fallen short because the focused attention has been on

  1. Disease management versus maintaining health and vitality
  2. Outward appearance rather than inward vitality
  3. Chronological age instead of biological and psychological vitality
  4. Boomers in lieu of people of all generations

My mission is to shift your focus of attention towards your thoughts, emotions and telomeres. Why you ask? Because herein lies your power of influence to be forever young biologically and psychologically. Healthy thoughts, emotions and telomeres is (in a nut shell) what is required. Healthy living and healthy aging from the inside out is my specialty.

The AgePotential Protocol simply helps you help yourself and is information based on leading-edge research that will forever change the way you think, live and age. The goal is to awaken you to an inner knowing that this way of life, Vitality Lifelong, is for real and can be your reality as well.

At one time, I use to believe those who maintained Vitality Lifelong were either a select group of people with a rare set of genes or a group who had lived a life of entitlement. But the contrary is true. As a gerontologist and qualitative researcher, I’ve worked with and interviewed countless older adults who embody inner and outer vitality and adamantly claim to be just like you and me.

I genuinely believe the luminous prize of vitality-more years of life, more life in years-is tantalizing within reach. You may be growing older chronologically but depending on your beliefs and choices, you can be Forever Young biologically and psychologically.

Join Lori— Join the movement—Get Into The Driver’s Seat of Your Health
and Aging Journey and experience VITALITY Lifelong

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