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In Western Culture people buy into the ageist idea that the young are expected to thrive, while aging adults are expected merely to survive. This poisonous thinking is perpetuated by the media, entertainment industry, business, and even our families, causing generations of older individuals to let go of their will to achieve fullest potential and resign to life on cruise control.

Members of Generation AgePotential don’t settle for the status quo – instead, they take life by the reins and expect to live fulfilling lives to the end.  Will you join them?




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Gerontologist Lori Campbell introduces us to an emerging trend called AgePotential, awakening us to the understanding that we all have the potential to thrive regardless of our chronological age or stage in life. As Campbell delves into the unique life paths of thrivers age fifty years and older, readers discover that they too can influence how they age, through the power of choice.


“I’m half way through your book and I love it, Lori.  I decided within the first forty pages that I want to re-read it with a highlighter! That’s a good book!”
Dr. Kristen Kingsbury, Optometrist

Such an inspiring book for anyone looking to live life to the fullest! I’ll be giving this book away to all my friends, family and clients.
Mande White

Whether you are 19, 90 or somewhere in between, AgePotential will inspire you to take action now and embrace the possibility that ageing well can be a reality for you. This book has helped me understand that it isn’t my chronological or physical age that determines how old I feel, it’s what I think and what I believe about living that will dictate whether or not aging is a positive experience for me.

Lori’s book is well thought out and presents a new perspective on how we all should think of aging. The stories she shares of other’s and how they demonstrate her principles of AgePotential are compelling, real life inspiration that I can do it too! She has shown me that it doesn’t matter where I am in my life now or where I’ve been, I can make changes now, to create a new ending to my life – an ending filled with joy, love, growth and satisfaction knowing I made a difference – my AgePotential.
Carrie Koop

Lori Campbell’s book, Awakening Your Age Potential, is a wonderful inspiring book for everyone to read. In our youth-obsessed society we need amazing women like Lori to speak out and show women how we can be our best at any age. If you aren’t already a “thriver” attacking each item on your bucket list, you need to read this book. It will change your life.
Dr. Nancy O’Reilly, Psy.D.


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