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Have you noticed an uptick in the number of people who want to stay healthy, be proactive, and believe in prevention? I have! I refer to this demographic of the population as a NOWist and if you are one of these people, you are in the right place.

Keeping Healthy People Healthy

I work with people of all ages; however, my heart’s desire is to reach the Millennials and GenX before
dis-ease and signs of premature aging manifest. My intention is to help you help yourself to extend your healthspan and slow your rate-of-aging; giving you what everyone wants: more years of QUALITY OF LIFE.

Disease can manifest at any age. Midlife, however, is the most common time a disease outwardly presents itself in the lifespan. The average onset varies depending on the disease. Symptoms of Alzheimer’s commonly first appear around age 60. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) symptoms generally appear between ages 20 and 50 whereas Rheumatoid Arthritis between ages 40 and 60. The average age of a first heart attack is 66 years old for males and a female’s risk for heart disease increases after menopause. Most importantly, dis-ease is present on a cellular level long before outward symptoms arise.

Rick Morimoto, PhD, Northwestern University states “If we don’t increase healthspan, individuals will still succumb to diseases like cancer, heart disease and neuro degenerative disease at some point between the ages of 40 and 70.” –an excerpt from The Healthspan Imperative

The Time is NOW!

As you can see there is a very narrow window of time for optimal intervention. It’s never too late to make positive, healthy change and reap the benefits but the optimal time for intervention is when a person is still healthy inside and out.

We live in an empowering time in regards to knowing “how to” extend healthspan and slow the rate-of-aging and the clinical biomarker technology is here as well. Personalized diagnostic testing eliminates the “guesswork” — allowing you to know your personal state-of-health from the inside out where disease starts—in the cell.

75% of U.S. healthcare dollars are spent on diseases that are preventable via lifestyle, environment and mindset.
I believe this is in part, due to the focus being on :

  • disease management versus health and vitality
  • outer appearance rather than inner vitality
  • chronological age versus biological and psychological vitality
  • Boomers versus individuals of all generations are aging

It is in your BEST interest to shift your focus of attention toward maintaining health, inner vitality,
biological and psychological age NOW

It may seem counter-cultural to think about long-term health and the aging process in your 20s, 30s, 40s but this is what is required if you have the intention of being Forever Young. The younger you come to know aging is a natural process of life that begins at conception and ACT on that knowing, the more positive your aging experience will be. Vincente Mera, Doctor of Internal and Anti-Aging Medicine states: “The aim is not to get people to live to 95, it is to live longer than 50 without health problems.

Neglect, avoidance, and denial are the norm. You deserve better. Why not by-pass the disease, the decline, the heartache of the consequences of unhealthy habits that most incur in midlife by exerting your power of influence NOW. Why not choose to be a NOWist and focus on maintaining your health and nurturing biological and psychological vitality by attending to the health-state of your thoughts, emotions, and telomeres.

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