What is a Telomere and WHY should you care!

telomereTelomeres are the cells biological clock and have been likened to the endcaps of a shoelace. Telomeres seal off the ends of our chromosomes, which contain the cell’s genetic information. As cells replicate, telomeres can fray, allowing chromosomes to become vulnerable to disease. This becomes increasingly common with age.

Why Is this information relevant to you? Every age-related disease starts in the cell by way of inflammation, glycation, chronic stress or methylation. Knowing the healthstate of your telomeres is early detection and prevention at its finest.

Telomere length is the best available biomarker for overall health and overtime, rate of aging. The goal is to keep telomeres long to ward off disease and premature aging; ultimately, extending healthspan and keeping you ForeverYoung biologically.

Unlike chronological age, you have much influence and control over your biological vitality. Your telomeres respond to how you eat, move, excrete, think, feel, and deal with stress. There is power and potential in your everyday choices. Even as you grow older chronologically, you can become biologically younger!

Feeling encouraged? You have every reason to be because you are not a victim of your genes or the aging process. And now there is clinical testing that measures the age of the cell by the length of the telomeres.

By attending to cell health you can maintain your health and vitality rather than relying on pharmaceutical science to fix you.

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